3° posto Raith micrograph award 2019 a Nadia Ligato!

NEST Technologist Nadia Ligato of Istituto Nanoscienze CNR (SQEL group) won the third prize of RAITH Micrograph Award 2019. The micrograph winning the award pictures a superconducting quantum interference proximity transistor with multi-tunnel junctions nanofabricated using NEST cleanroom’s nanofabrication facilities.

This 2019 award follows a long series of NEST awarded prizes from the previous years RAITH Micrograph Awards: 2018’s Dr. Sedighe Salimian’s 2nd prize for a Buried Split-Gate-Defined Graphene Quantum Point Contacts image, 2015’s Dr. Alessandro Pitanti’s 2nd prize for a Silicon nitride suspended membrane, 2009’s 2nd prize to Prof. Stefano Roddaro, and Honorable mentions to Dr. Sandro Meucci in 2014 and to Prof. Ang Li in 2012.