Lincée Award

To explore and reward innovative ideas for 4D characterization of sample topography using Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®), Lyncée Tec SA, the leader of time resolved in-situ topography, launched in June 2016 its “Lyncée Innovation Challenge 2016” which offers researchers and engineers from all around the world the opportunity to submit their ideas and to become part of the exciting development of DHM® applications.

“Through this challenge, Lyncée shows that innovation lies in the core of its DNA and that supporting novel research ideas is a priority for the company. It is the guiding force behind a team who innovates each day to provide you with new possibilities for your research.” says Dr. Yves Emery, CEO of Lyncée Tec.

Four months after launching the Challenge, all the samples from 10 nominated ideas have been carefully characterized by their experts using DHM®. The measurement results were submitted to a neutral jury consisting of distinguished international experts:
Prof. Gustau Catalan from ICREA, Spain ;
Prof. Xiaohong Wang from Tsinghua University, China ;
Prof. Roozbeh Tabrizian from University of Florida, United States.

The criteria of the selection for the jury:
1. (30%) Originality, Novelty and Creativity
2. (30%) Scientific or industrial impact
3. (20%) Measurement results
4. (20%) Quality of proposition

Lyncée announced the three winners, and dr. Pasqualantonio Pingue (from Laboratorio NEST) won the 3rd prize:

(click on the image to see the animation!)
3rd Prize: 1’000 USD
Pasqualantonio Pingue
Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Graphene deformationTime resolved 3D topography to study in-situ deformation of a suspended graphene membrane
Thanks also to Francesco Colangelo and Stefano Roddaro for their collaboration to sample preparation!
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