Colloquia CNR-NANO 2015


Please find in the following the program of the NANO Colloquia.
We remind that these are seminars in which the young researchers of NANO (postdocs and TD) present their current work at NEST. The aim of these seminars is to make everyone aware
of the research pursued by the young people that join NANO@NEST and possibly to trigger new collaborations among researchers.
Everybody is welcome.

22 January Andrea Tomadin
Hydrodynamic flow in 2D electron liquids and electrical viscometers
19 February Fabrizio Castellano
Development of on-chip components for THz quantum cascade lasers
outcoupling and beam shaping
19 March Daniela Parisi
Fluoride materials: growth, spectroscopy and laser experiments
23 April Daniel Navarro Urrios
Cavity optomechanics: Activating coherent mechanical oscillations with
radiation pressure
21 May Alessandro Pitanti
Electromechanics with silicon nitride membranes
18 June Silvia Landi
Inside a pathological brain by means of in vivo two-photon imaging and

Time: 11:00am, Place: NEST seminar room.
For information, please contact Fabio Taddei (