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Transmission Electron Microscopy Lab

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  • Zeiss Libra 120 Plus transmission electron microscope: acceleration voltage 60-120 Kv, point-point resolution 0.34 nm in TEM mode and < 1.5nm in STEM mode.

    • Accessories:
    • 16 bit CCD camera 2k x 2k bottom mounted
    • In column OMEGA spectrometer for EELS and EFTEM imaging
    • STEM with High Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) detector
    • Tomographic single tilt sample holder. This holder can host two grids and allows a maximum tilt of ± 75°

    • Available techniques:
    • Conventional and high resolution TEM imaging
    • Electron diffraction with parallel or convergent beam
    • Z-contrast STEM imaging with the HAADF detector
    • Energy filtered TEM imaging
    • Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry EELS
    • TEM or STEM electron tomography

  • Nanomegas Digistar P1000 precession unit for collecting precessed electron diffraction patterns, with ADT3D software for three dimensional reconstruction of the reciprocal space and intensity integration.

  • UC7 Leica Ultramicrotome equipped with the cryo unit FC7 for cutting samples at low temperature down to -185 °C

  • Up-right M80 Leica Microscope equipped with CCD color camera for recording images


The transmission electron microscope is used to characterize on one side the nanoparticles and the nanostructures (nanowires, eterostructures…) produced in chemistry and CBE-MCVD laboratories and also cell and tissues processed by the biology laboratories at NEST.

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