NEST Prize

Locandina Premio NEST 2019

Scuola Normale Superiore and Laboratorio NEST are proud to present the PREMIO NEST 2019 for research in nanoscience. Sponsorized by Rivoira, a company of NIPPON GASES Group, the objective of the NEST Prize is to promote and recognise the activity of young scientists (less than 35 years old) working in Italy in the fields of nanoscience, represented by a submitted publication in the last two years on a peer review international journal in the field.

The prize is awarded by an evaluating committee composed by the Directors and/or Coordinators of the NEST centre of Scuola Normale Superiore, Istituto Nanoscienze of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) and Center for Nanotechnology Innovation of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT).

The NEST Prize consists of € 5,000 Euros cash prize for the winner, a trophy and support (fees, travel and sojourn expenses) to attend the conference (NanoInnovation) where the prize is awarded and, finally, the opportunity to present the research activity of the winner. The NEST Prize 2019 will be assigned at NanoInnovation 2020 Conference in Rome.

2017 Federica BertolottiCrystal symmetry breaking and vacancies in colloidal lead chalcogenide quantum dots”, publicato sulla rivista Nature Materials.
2016 Antonio Politano Photothermal Membrane Distillation for Seawater Desalination“, pubblicato sulla rivista Advanced Materials.2015 No awarded prize… Special mentions to Denis Gentili (Adv. Funct. Mater. 2015, “Growth and Manipulation of Organic Semiconductors Microcrystal by Wet Lithography”), Luca Passoni and Luigino Criante (ACS Nano, 8 (12), pp. 12167–12174, 2014, Self-Assembled Hierarchical Nanostructures for High-Efficiency Porous Photonic Crystals. Autori: L. Passoni, L. Criante, F. Fumagalli, F. Scotognella, G. Lanzani, F. Di Fonzo).

2014 Giulio RagazzonLight-powered autonomous and directional molecular motion of a dissipative self-assembling system“, pubblicato su Nature Nanotechnology

2013 Francesco PineiderCircular Magnetoplasmonic Modes in Gold NanoparticlesIvano Alessandri (menzione speciale) “Enhancing Raman Scattering without Plasmons: Unprecedented Sensitivity Achieved by TiO2 Shell-Based Resonators” , pubblicato sul Journal of the American Chemical Society

2012 Francesco RossellaMetal-Filled Carbon Nanotubes as a Novel Class of Photothermal Nanomaterials”, pubblicato sulla rivista Advanced Materials

2011 Francesca Cella ZanacchiLive-cell 3D super-resolution imaging in thick biological samples”, pubblicato sulla rivista Nature Methods

2010 Andrea CandiniEntanglement in Supramolecular Spin Systems of Two Weakly Coupled Antiferromagnetic Rings (Purple-Cr7Ni)”, pubblicato sulla rivista Physical Review Letters

2009 Matteo Mannini (menzione speciale) “Magnetic memory of a single-molecule quantum magnet wired to a gold surface”, pubblicato sulla rivista Nature Materials

2008 Alberto GhirriMagnetic Imaging of Cyanide-Bridged Co-ordination Nanoparticles Grafted on FIB-Patterned Si Substrates”, pubblicato sulla rivista Small