PhD of the week: Vezio Bianchi

In 2014 I was graduated in Physics with the mark 110/110 with thesis “Study and realization of frequency tuning systems for distribuited feedback quantum cascade lasers operating in Terahertz” . From November 2014, I’m working as a PhD student, at NEST Laboratories in the group of Dott. Miriam Serena Vitiello.
My research program is related to the development of broadly tunable, single-mode, waveguide coupled, THz quantum cascade laser resonators with optimized wave-front shaping.
The present achieved results concern the development of a novel tuning system for vertical emitting terahertz quantum cascade lasers, based on a microcavity-coupled waveguide configuration. With this system we have achieved a total continuous tuning of 162 GHz for a QCL emitting at 3.2 THz, a record value for surface emitting THz sources (see figures below). This result opens intriguing perspectives for high resolution spectroscopy across the far-infrared.