The PhD Student of the week: Stefano Guiducci

I come from Pistoia (Tuscany), when I was 18 I moved to Pisa where I started studying physics at University. I graduated (Master’s degree) in 2014 and I started my Ph.D. in condensed matter physics at SNS immediately after.
My project is related to SNS junctions (S=Superconductor and N=normal region); in particular, the normal region is constituted by a 2DEG confined in an InAs\InGaAs heterostructure. My objective is to study these junctions both in the Josephson and in the Quantum Hall regime. The main feature of my project is not only to study them with transport measurement, but also with the more sophisticated Scanning Gate Microscopy technique at 0.4K.
I successfully fabricated these SNS junctions that show a Josephson supercurrent and I was also able to study these devices in the Quantum Hall regime with the SGM where I found and explained some resonances in conductivity vs gate voltage. I was also able to increase the compatibility of these devices with the SGM by filtering the cryostat against radiofrequency noise because it dramatically disturbs the Josephson regime.