Two postdoctoral positions AFM and Soft Matter Physics @ ULB

Two postdoctoral positions (initial duration of one year and could be extended to two years upon mutual agreement, postdoc net salary ~ 2500 euros/month) is available at the Experimental Soft Matter and Thermal Physics (EST) group Physics Division of the ULB working in collaboration with Prof. Patricia Losada Pérez.

The project aims to decouple the role of nano / meso topography on the formation and organization of lipid membranes formed on solid surfaces. A bottom-up approach will be carried out by exploring different strategies to form lipid films on flat and nanostructured surfaces with both ordered and random nanoscale topography. A combination of techniques that provide information on kinetics of formation and mechanical properties of supported lipid membranes at a global and local level will be used.

The candidate should have or be about to have a PhD degree in Biophysics, Soft Matter Physics, or Physical Chemistry. Experience in working with synthetic lipid membrane systems such as liposomes or supported lipid bilayers, as well as their characterization with AFM, (specifically in adhesion or mechanical studies) and fluorescence microscopy is mandatory. Additional experience on state-of-the-art surface-sensitive techniques, i.e., XPS, QCM-D, EIS and bio-interfaces in general will be an asset.

We are looking for a ‘researcher in international mobility’ who has held a PhD degree for a maximum period of 6 years or is about to get his/her PhD degree. He/she must not have lived in Belgium for more than 24 months in the last 3 years. He/she must be easy-going, hard working, rigorous, and have strong laboratory skills. He/she must be fluent in English and be able to write high-quality publications.

Applications including a motivation letter, CV, list of publications and a recommendation letter should be sent to:

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