Gallery WORKSHOP: Electrical probing solutions and applications for micro and nanoscale characterization

Imina Technologies is the maker of the miBot™, an extremely versatile and intuitive to use piezo-based sample manipulator. These innovative robotic solutions for positioning, handling and electrical sensing at micro and nano scales in combination with various third party instruments are used to position with precision probe tips on electronic devices, sensors, semiconductors , MEMS, etc or to handle and characterize electric properties of nanoparticles, nano wires & fibers in material science. These techniques can be used in combination with the SEM, Optical Microscope, X-Ray, AFM, Raman, etc or at an electrical probing workbench.

10:15 Welcome
Prof. Marco Rossi (CNIS)
10:30 Introduction of Imina Technologies and and Product Line
Rob Claassen (Imina Technologies SA)
11:30 Nano and micro manipulation and electrical probing for nanotechnology
Dr. Pasqualantonio Pingue (Scuola Normale Superiore – Laboratorio NEST)
12:00 Basic demonstration
Rob Claassen (Imina Technologies SA)
13:00 Light lunch

Il Workshop è gratuito. Per iscriversi è sufficiente inviare una mail a: