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SPM phone: 9129
EBL phone: 9479
Open space phone: 9487

Clean Room Facility

Cleanroom Guidelines

clean room Service Room EBL 2 SPM EBL 1 Contact Angle Measurements NIL Oxygen Plasma Critical Point Dryer Hot plates and Spin Coaters Hood Fridge Chemicals and Solvents Storage Chemicals and Solvents Hood Glassware washer E-Beam Evaporator Wafer Bonder TE 2 TE 3 Mask aligner 1 Mask Aligner 2 Stylus Profilometer Optical Profilometer and Optical Microscope RTA SPM EBL Open space 1 Open space 2 Open space 3 Open space 4

Class ISO 7 Clean Room Facility equipped with:
  • N. 2 UV optical lithography mask aligners: MJb3 and MJB4 by SUSS;
  • N. 3 e-beam pattern generators (EBL) at 30 keV: NPGS v. 9.0 from Nabity Systems and Elphy PLUS with NanoPECS from Raith GmbH on Merlin FEG-SEM; Multibeam from Raith GmbH on UltraPlus FEG-SEM;
  • FEG-SEM, Ultra Plus from ZEISS, 30 kV 1.2 nm resolution, N2 gas injector system for imaging on insulators, interferometric stage (2" from Raith GmbH), EDS (Bruker Quantax) and STEM (ZEISS) detectors;
  • FEG-SEM, Merlin from ZEISS, 30 kV 0.8 nm resolution, N2 gas injector system for imaging on insulators and O2 gas injector for ozone cleaning;
  • Nanoimprint lithographic system (2.5” wafer) from Obducat;
  • Scanning Probe Microscope (AFM, LFM, KPFM, CFM, Scan-Asyst, Peak Force Tapping): Dimension ICON-PT from Bruker;
  • Rapid Thermal Annealer (RTA);
  • Oxygen Plasma Cleaner;
  • N.2 Spin Coaters;
  • Contact Angle Measuring system;
  • Hot plates and oven for thermal resist treatment;
  • Nomarsky Optical Microscope;
  • N.3 high-vacuum Thermal Evaporators;
  • N. 1 UHV e-beam Evaporator;
  • 3D Stylus Profilometer DEKTAK XT from Bruker;
  • Wet bench station;
  • Wafer Bonding system from SUSS Microtech GmBH;
  • 4 minirobots "Imina Technology" for SEM and Optical microscopy nanomanipulation;

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