Report 2014-2019

NEST 5 Research Activities 5 Report 2014-2019



Semiconductor nanowires growth mechanisms and dynamics
Quantum transport in semiconductor nanowires
Subwavelength light control with semiconductor nanowires
Quantum Hall effect in hybrid Josephson junctions
Coherent manipulation of electronic heat currents in superconducting hybrid devices
Thermal transport, thermoelectricity and quantum thermodynamics
Thermoelectrics and thermo-mechanics of individual nanostructures
Quantum Thermodynamics from Quantum Thermal Machines to Quantum Batteries
Topology in hybrid and multi-terminal Josephson junctions
Strain engineering in two-dimensional materials
1-3-11_Hydrogen storage in functionalized graphene
Scalable high-mobility graphene for photonics and biomedicine
Synthesis and properties of van der Waals heterostructures
Light-matter interaction in metamaterials and opto-mechanical systems
1-3-15_Near-field nanoscopy
THz nanophotonic devices with 2D materials and 1D nanostructures
Quantum engineering of THz quantum cascade lasers and applications to quantum metrology
Nanotechnologies for the nervous system
Surface-acoustic-wave biosensors and microfluidics
In vivo brain physiology molecules and brain disease
Biosensors for functional imaging of cells and diagnostic applications at the nanoscale
Multiscale simulations of peptide-bilayer interactions
Advanced microscopy and single-particle tracking applications to neuroscience
Plant molecular physiology
Non-persistent plasmonic nanotherapeutics and 3D cancer models
1-3-26_Targeted nanostructures tailored to in vivo delivery
New paradigms in nanoscale biophysics looking at life (mis)regulation inside cells
Nanostructuring soft matter for targeted delivery at the cellular and sub-cellular scale
Complex networks of organic nanowires from coherent light emission to energy harvesting and biophysics
Quantum Metrology
Quantum computation protocols and process implementation
Quantum Communication efficiency thresholds, coding, and environment engineering